How to Renovate Your House While Away

It is always important to be present when renovating your house. Your presence gives your proper control of the process. However, circumstances may force you to be away for some other commitments such as business or work. You can still renovate your house while out. But several things require consideration.

Employ Someone You Trust to Supervise

Since you won’t be there to supervise the renovation of the house, it is prudent to appoint someone you trust as a supervisor. The supervisor will be your eye on the ground to tell you what is happening and oversee the work. You must pick someone you trust, like a spouse or relative, since they will be more honest with you.

Constant Communication

You should constantly communicate with the ground team handling the renovation work. Use all convenient means of communication, including telephones and video calls. The idea is to ensure that you are informed of every stage of the renovation and can still give directions from afar. For example, you can decide to replace a contractor who seems to fail to perform quality work.

Photos and Videos

Ensure you get as many photos and videos of the renovation as possible. These can be taken by your supervisor or contractors and sent to you via WhatsApp or any other means. Seeing the images and video clips will give you a better idea of what is happening on the ground. You may not get this idea clearly by calling your supervisor or contractors.


You don’t have to be physically present when renovating your house. While away, you can adopt several strategies to ensure that the renovation is going on as planned and that you can still have some control over the process.…