Construction Checklist- What Your Construction Site Needs

A complete and intelligent construction site setup is crucial for the success of a project. When you handle the setup management correctly and early, you avoid delays and extra costs. However, proper site setup entails taking care of everything a construction site needs. Here’s a checklist for a construction site that should guide you.

Construction Offices and Furnishings

Your mobile trailer office should have the same furnishings and equipment you have at the head office. Therefore, make sure that your construction site has a mobile office with service connections, furniture like desks, chairs, cabinets, and other essentials for a workstation. Make sure that your mobile office has steps, ramps, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits.  

Utility and Service Connections

You may have an offsite power supply if lucky. However, you can use a standalone generator and a sanitation system. Depending on the construction project, you might also need power generators for powering your office, equipment, and site lights. Portable sewage handling and water supply systems might also be necessary. What’s more, your site might also need internet and telecommunication services.

Safety Signage and Systems

Your construction site should also have all necessary safety notices, signage, and personal protection equipment. And you should provide these before allowing the workers at the site. Some of the safety equipment to have at a construction site include fencing and lighting arou7nd the site with relevant notices for warding off trespassers. Also, have a designated laydown and storage areas for heavy machinery. What’s more, install CCTV cameras and security systems to ensure the safety of your assets.

Storage Containers

Your construction site should also have containers for storing all equipment and tools. And this is essential because it protects the equipment and tools from theft and the elements. Therefore, make sure that the containers are lockable. Also, have equipment registers for the containers, dumpsters, and sanitation vehicles.

Staff Amenities and Dry Areas

Not all staff and laborers will have offices. That means they will spend most of their time working outside. Therefore, prepare lunchrooms and dry areas for them. Also, provide wardrobes, lockers, and kitchen amenities, folding chairs, and tables for them.

Construction workers should feel comfortable at the site. Use this checklist to provide everything your construction site needs to ensure the comfort and safety of the workers.