Types of Basement Construction

The basement foundation offers the needed strength to keep your home standing tall in all weather and environmental conditions. However, the effectiveness and longevity of the basement mainly depend on the type of construction and how it is built. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most popular types of basement construction. 

Poured Concrete 

This is perhaps, the most common type of basement construction for a majority of homeowners. The key reasons behind its immense popularity are durability and ease of installation. In this type of construction, the concrete is simply poured to form a footing for the basement. Both sides of the footing are held in place by forms, which are removed after the foundation is dried. That results in strong and lasting foundations. 

Precast Panels 

Precast panels are also becoming very popular today mainly because of their time and money-saving properties. The panels are fabricated separately then, transported to the construction site for installation. Precast panels are made from a mixture of concrete but, they are more water-resistant and, also very strong. 

Concrete Blocks 

Concrete blocks are considered to be the least expensive alternative when it comes to basement construction. The walls of the foundations are crafted using cinder blocks, which are much easier to install than poured concrete. They are also fitted with steel rebar for better reinforcements. The only setback is that cinder blocks are usually prone to water leaks, which could impact water damage. 

Stone Walls 

Stones and clay were popularly used in historic times. As such, they are only common on buildings of the yesteryears. Although they have a rustic appeal, stone or clay basements are also quite durable. Their only problem is that they can easily allow water and moisture from the ground to seep into the foundation. 

Depending on the type of basement construction that you need, it is important to consult with a professional for assistance in making the right choice.